4 More Zynga Game Closures Announced

Zynga demonstrate that they are really good by announcing the closure of following four games on their respective forum to the players:
• Pioneer Trail
• Duck Dynasty
• Zynga Slots
• Riches of Olympus
They are probably shutting down on April 30, 2015.
Copy/Paste without double checking if it’s correct or not.
All Zynga games endure from the same copy/paste mistakes because quests are just recycling of existing data and nothing more.

But even though making a mistake due to copy/paste behavior on an announcement of a game closure!
Show clearly that Zynga has no respect for its players.
Following are the two screenshots from the closure announcement at the Zynga player’s forums of The Pioneer Trail and 3 Slots games.
According to Zynga was The Pioneer Trail a Slots Game! What an insult towards players of The Pioneer Trail, this exactly gives you an idea about that Zynga does not show concern about their players.

will shut down on April 30, 2015. It’s obvious Zynga doesn’t have much interest in adjusting their games to support the new Facebook API which will happen on April 30th. About 2 weeks ago the announcement for the closure of CityVille on this same day was made [1]. It’s rumored 10 games are going to be shut down so there are 6 more to go. I love how Zynga even copies and pastes their devastating (to the players) announcements. It wasn’t nice to say they look forward to seeing the Pioneer Trail players in ‘our other great slots games’ only for them to go find out that 3 of these greats will also be shutting down. That’s not a good way to store faith in the Zynga brand. Thanks to Oliver for sending me this information.



Image Credits and Find: http://www.mafiawarslootlady.com/




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