Aircraft to Fly in FarmVille 2 Comming Soon

For the moment no specific date has yet been revealed about the arrival of the aircraft but there is a good chance that the way to fly over our farm here next week

The aircraft will be available to all players who have reached level 16 or more!


It will appear as a pop-up on your game with a little dialogue with Walter as follows:

Hey, did you see anything through the sky?
Press the “Heaven button! “

Yeah, farmers are bringing an aircraft to accelerate fertilization.
Press “There button. “

That’s it. It also drops the fertilizer bonus.
Oh no! He seems to have mechanical problems.
See if you can repair this aircraft to use. Otherwise, I will fix it next week.
We must therefore first of all repair the plane together propellers 10 + 10 + 10 differential gear aluminumplates and engaging 4 of your friends!

10726098836_6b594b526b_nOnce the aircraft is repaired, it then simply click on one of the plots in the process of pushing and click on the image plane. We then propose we choose 9 plots fertilized. Once the nine selected plots we can see the plane fly over and fertilize our crops!

10726100146_a7c3086dc3_nAircraft largueront occasionally fertilizer bonus during their visits. To use one after the aircraft it will spend 5 drops of fuel. Remember that you can get the drops of fuel on our 1 to 1 .



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