ATTENTION PLEASE!! I saw this posted from one of my friends and it’s great idea. I know non-game playing friends get irritated by the invites and game posts, so this gives them an option. Just copy and paste (not share) this to your page. ~Eric


Just a reminder I play games on Facebook, which is great mental therapy. It may irritate some of you who don’t play, but it keeps me from going to jail for murdering all the people who tick me off, sort of like anger management. Anyway, sometimes I don’t actually select you, sometimes the game does since you are my friend; and to tell the truth, sometimes I just screw up and select you by accident and I apologize. If this is you, please take the mouse and click on the arrow on the top right of a game post. Click where it says “Hide all from (whichever game it is…)” and this will block the game featured in that post. My game posts will no longer appear in your news feed, and then you won’t get invites to play either!!!!! To my friends who play: Do your friends a favor… Copy & paste this to your page… Thanks every one & have a great day!



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