Breeding Extinct Animal Zoo

Farmville Extinct

Animal Zoo!

Farmville another animals Breeding pen ” Extinct Animal Zoo “

Build Extinct Animal Zoo and craft new animals..

There is 3 stages of Extinct Animal Zoo

Material Required:

1. Required 10 Meteorite
2. Required 10 Food Chain
3. Required 10 Broken Thermometer

You need these stuff to craft Extinct Animals..

  • Gray Fossil
  • Amber Fossil
  • Black Fossil
  • Red Fossil
  • Wood Fossil

List of some Extinct Animals:

  • Cave Bear
  • Party Tarpan Foal
  • Scuba Saudi Gazelle
  • Giant Purple Armadillo
  • Spectacled Cormorant

  • Rainbow Terror Bird
  • Wooly Rhino
  • Giant Pink Wombat
  • Crystal Pyrenean Ibex
  • Punk Horned Gopher



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