Build Your Ladybug Catching Kit! (Coming Soon)

Build your Farmville 2 Ladybug Catching Kit and start collecting Ladybugs and win rewards. This will be the next feature that we will be having next week and it promises to give us a cool Baby Magpie Duck as a bonus reward if we collected all 4 rewards. We can expect to have this feature by August 19, Tuesday but we already have here information plus pictures to give you a general idea of what this feature is about.

Ladybug Catching Kit

Build your Ladybug Catching Kit and Win a Magpie Duck!!!

Placing the Ladybug Catching Kit:

Building the Ladubug Catching Kit:

LadyBug Catching Kit Completed:

You can now click the Ladybug Catching Kit to view the prizes that you can get when you collected enough Ladybugs.

Among the rewards are as follow:



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