Cityville Mission: To a Charm – Reward 100 XP and White Project

A new Mission regarding wonders is available and get free rewards 100 xp CityVille and a free White Project. Cityville new missions, this mission is named Mission: a charm! – Improve your great!.Your wonders of the world march to perfection. It’s about time that you completed in your city. Complete and upgrade your great to impress your citizens as soon as possible. Press Share and Like

Improve your wonderful!
(1) Complete a wonder improving it to level 6 ( Fig. 1 )
Make me a picture with her ..
(25) Ask your friends the wonderful memories of 25 ( Image 2 )
They are collector’s items ..
(30) Raises buildings in Wonderland ( Picture 3 )
This area is benefiting from the wonder ..
Reward: – 100 XP – White Project –



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