Co-ops Have Arrived!

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FarmVille 2 is making it easier than ever to help new and old friends with MY FARM CO-OP!

Stuck on a task? Turn to your Co-op! Have a friend in need? Come to their aid and help your Co-op reach farming greatness! Co-op farming has arrived at last, and we’re inviting you to get started early!


Early Unlock Is Available Now

When you get EARLY UNLOCK you’ll receive a big head start and much more! Farmers who get Early Unlock will be able to send invite up to 2 friends a day to Early Unlock, which is sure to make them popular with their neighbors.


Whenever a farmer sends an invite to a friend, that friend automatically gains access to My Co-ops, FOR FREE.


Create or Join


How do you want to participate? The choice is all yours. Browse to join an existing Co-op with recommended friends or make your own for an experience you can control.



New Order Board

When you first join a Co-op you will finish up your current weekly challenge on the Order Board.  While you wait for the next week to start you can Call your Co-op for help to make orders easier in the meantime!


Next week you will start playing together with your Co-op so you can win an additional 200 Favors when you move to a new Town on the Delivery Map!



“Top Farmer of the Week”

The farmer who contributes the most orders each week wins 50 Water and enters the Hall of Fame permanently!



Complete Your Goal


When your Co-op wins the week, you’ll be treated to a major reward. You’ll receive 200 Favors and all of your watered plants and trees will instantly grow!



Delivery Map

Use your new Delivery Truck and deliver goods to Markets in towns all over! Work together to progress along the Delivery Map toward Super Rewards!


Call For Help


Whether you’re working on the Order Board or crafting you can count on your Co-op to help you!  Use your Calls to let your friends know what ingredients you’re missing.


Once you call your Coop for help other members will receive a request inside the Co-op Headquarters and they can donate what you need.



Accepting Help


Look someone is standing by the Co-op Headquarters!  That means your Co-op has answered your Call for Help!


Ringing Phone


A ringing phone on your Co-op means a fellow member is calling for help and you have the goods to send!


Being the 1st to donate goods to someone earns you a Free Co-op Call so you can call for even more help!


The Co-op Headquarters

In addition to helping your Co-op inside the Headquarters you can also view your Co-op’s status as well as see its name, logo, and motto.


 From the ‘My Co-Op’ tab you can:

  • See how many Towns your Co-op serves, total helps, and total members
  • Send Invites
  • View the Delivery Map
  • Sort your Co-op Members by who has helped the most, who is the highest level, etc.

If you’re a Leader you can promote others to leader and change your Co-op Logo, name, and motto from the ‘Browse Tab’.


Message Board

Now you can talk to your Neighbors in FarmVille 2! Use the message board to discuss strategy, organize help, or just to say hello.



Form A Game Group

When you create a co-op, a dialogue box appears asking you to create a Facebook Game Group. Other players are asked to join the game group before joining the co-op.


When you post for items requests will show up in the Facebook Game Group, so your co-op members can easily click them all in one place.

Most players will see requests on the left side of their Facebook screen.



Send requests from items like suge, salt, or building parts to ask your co-op friends for help!



Get Started

When you login to FARMVILLE 2, Cornelius will guide you to the CO-OP HQ next to the road, beside the two hay bales.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got questions about co-ops, you can visit our support site to view the FAQ article posted there.


(Please note that not all players will have access to this feature right away. For testing and stability purposes, features of this magnitude are released to our players incrementally.)



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