Collect 10 Drops of Water from the Tower “Farmville 2”

As we all knew that farmer are facing problem of water storage so to get you out of this trouble Farmville 2 is again helping you by giving a free gift of 10 water drops.You must have a water tower to consume water from there and you must be able to store there. But don’t worry we are not leaving you behind we are just giving you 10 drops of water for game.Just claim and play it on Facebook.More news about expansions and water trough will be updated soon because we have a hope and we always help you.

Play FarmVille 2 game daily and:

  • Feed your pets,
  • Give water to crops and trees
  • Host many festivals (e.g table festival and many more)
  • Click Like and Share button.

water tower

Cheat FarmVille 2. Claim Daily free Bonus on this page choose from Water, Fertilizer, Feed




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