Consumable replacement video

Here’s a little trick for you to help with the persian kitten search and doing your quest.

Regarding the new kitten (which I don’t have yet):

Maybe you’ve already picked up on this, but I saw somewhere that for the tasks where you must water and fertilize a crop (but not harvest it), you can get your water, fertilizer and coins refunded.

Using individual plots (not fields), water and fertilize whatever crop you must. Then pick up a field or a building and place it on the planted/fertilized squares. The game will ask if you want to do this, and assures that if you place the object, your water, fertilizer and coins will be refunded.

Set that bugger down. It works. I know, because I’ve done this several times when my farm was too crowded to place something in a clear spot, and I HAD to forfeit some of my planted plots!For step by step guide watch video clip below…!!



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