OK- so I have had several issues with my game recently along with some of my neighbors having the same issues. Zynga isn’t aware of them unless people do the bug report. I think they wait for a certain amount of people to have that same issue until they actually LOOK into it and issue a band-aid.

My issues are-

1- Not being able to ADD new neighbors to my neighbor bar. I can ASK them for items I just can’t add them to the bar and visit them.( they cant add or visit me either)

2- Almost every day I only get 2 farmhands. I can ask for 100 the night before and even get 50 request back for them by morning when I get back on. But only 2 show up- its not a refresh issue. They just only give me 2. After I use those 2 it says I need to wait 7 hours for the others to show.

I am sure i have more- I just don’t pay attention!

If you have bugs in your game please fill out a bug report! Do it every day! They won’t look into things until we complain. Here is the link to do the bug report- On that bug report they ask you for your UID- that is the line of numbers underneath your game. There is one for facebook and one for zynga.



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