Eric Housekeeping Guide

First step is to be sure we are using a current and updated Browser, Chrome, Firefox, Torch etc are great for Flash heavy games. Internet Explorer is not a Game Friendly Browser anymore – think of IE as “Internet Dial Up” its just not Flash Game friendly.

So making sure your Browser is up to date is KEY. They are suppose to automatically update, this is not always the case.


Now with Browsers, especially Chrome, Chrome uses a little tool within the update called “pepperflash” when we all turn it of because it makes our mouse go CRAZY or are game simply will not work period, along comes an update and it turns back on. Double check to see

 that pepperflash hasn’t re-installed.


Getting the dreaded “!” mark often?


It may be because you have 2 Flash Programs active on your pc to get this.

Open new tab and type in chrome://plugins/ look for adobe flash player and if it shows (2 files) click the + sign on the right hand side to see details of the files. One will have something like pepperflash in the wording, under the line you should see a blue word saying either enable or disable, click that blue word until it says enable (which means you have turned it off). – This is a step by step guide to hekp you.


 Making sure your Adobe Flash is UP TO DATE is a MUST. – EVERYTHING we Play with Zynga is run off of FLASH.


Game slow to load or not loading fully?

You can help your game load better and possible resolve some envelope issues etc by increasing the storage allowed by Zynga to help with loading the game.


Use this link

On the first tab that opens move the scroll bar until you allow at least 1mb in storage.

Go to tab 7 called Website Storage Setting Panel and highlight the line that is and set the scroll bar to unlimited.


Sometimes really all your PC needs is it’s CACHE cleared, – use CCleaner, which does a better job. And this should be done daily if you are a avid Gamer.


Remember, Zynga and Facebook has many different Servers, and your PC may be a tad older, slower, so patience does to come in to play here.  


Lastly in addition you can use one of the links below to Flush your system

We hope this helps with making your game more enjoyable and to get your pc running a bit smoother.





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