Fairy Festival Escapade: Complete Info

Fairy Festival Escapade:

Complete Info

As the Dino Escapade comes to an end, we are not going to experience one with the Fairy Festival… Requires you to complete 6 different stages over a period of time, so that you can get good rewards and also make the Festival successful…

Below is a look at the various stages of growth of the Fairy Festival, along with a hi-res animation of the fully built one

The Escapade Details

Duration of the Escapade

21st August 2012 till 11th September 2012

Fairy Escapade Part 1

21st August till 23rd August 2012

Help the Fairy Guild build the Annual Fairy Festival!

Get started by collecting Fairy Sweets and get a fantastic prize!

Requirement Reward
Fairy Sweets Sweet Booth
Collect 5 of the most delectable sweets you can find. Sweet Booth

Fairy Escapade Part 2

23rd August till 28th August 2012

Collect parts for the Ferris Wheel before time runs out!

The Fairy Guild is counting on you!

Requirement 1 Requirement 2 Requirement 3 Reward
Chairs Motor Parts Light Sprites Sprite Flowers
Ask your friends for Ferris Wheel Chairs! Ask your friends for Ferris Wheel Motor Parts! Get 7 Light Sprites from friends Sprite Flowers

Fairy Escapade Part 3

28th August till 31st August 2012

To start construction on the Fairy Festival, you’ll need a building crew.

Invite friends to join yours now!

Requirement Reward

Invite 8 friends to join the Fairy Festival building crew! Festival Dragon

Fairy Escapade Part 4

31st August till 3rd September 2012

Your new building crew needs some direction.

Collect the Festival Blueprints for them and earn another great prize!

Requirement Reward
feed_festivalplans Mini Fairy Barn
Collect 10 Fairy Festival Plans Mini Fairy Barn

Fairy Escapade Part 5

3rd September till 8th September 2012

Your crew is building away and the festival is almost complete!

Time to build the Stage and earn more exclusive prizes!

Requirement 1 Requirement 2 Requirement 3 Reward
Enchanted Boards Enchanted Nails Fairy Fabrics

Ask your friends for Enchanted Boards! Ask your friends for Enchanted Nails! Ask your friends for Fairy Fabrics Purple Fairy Pegacorn

Fairy Escapade Part 6

8th September till 11th September 2012

The festival’s opening day is almost here!

Collect RSVPs from your friends so we can plan accordingly and open on time!

Requirement Reward

Collect 10 Fairy Festival RSVPs from your friends! Fairy Festival



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