Farming Jobs Part 3 – My Family Farm “FarmVille 2”

Early Access to My Family Farm is available, and on 7/3 General Access will arrive. To get you ready, we’re tearching farmers about the Farming Jobs your sweetheart can do to help out around the farm!

In addition to the Farming Jobs that you probably recognize by now – Crop Care, Tree Care, Animal Care, Baby Animal Care, and Tree Pruning – there are new types of Farming Jobs your spouse can learn: Foraging, Pearl Diving, and Cave Exploring.
These new farming jobs give special items that are worth a lot when you craft with them. For instance, in the image below you can see that the Pearl Diving farming job gives you Pearls under the Job Benefits heading.

“Pearl Diving gives you Pearls!”
If you go to your Crafting Workshop, you’ll see a number of new items you can craft using Pearls that are worth a lot. For instance, Heirloom White Pearl Cream is worth a lot of coins!
In addition to the coin value of many of the new items you can find using the farming jobs, orders that ask for these items are worth a lot more too! For instance, in the order below that asks for Pearls from the Pearl Diving farm job and Mushrooms from the Foraging farm Job, you can see that not only is the order worth a good amount of coins, but it is worth 5 Favors. This number of favors is almost twice as much as regular orders!
“The new farm job areas will help you gain both coins and favors faster!”
Your sweetheart starts with only two Energy, but as they learn more Farming jobs they’ll gain more Energy to use. The last farm job area you unlock and teach to your sweetheart is Cave Exploring, which comes with something extra. The fourth and final Energy is earned by learning Cave Exploring.
So not only do you get more coins and favors when you unlock and use the new Farm Job areas, but you also get more energy when you learn the final Farm Job!



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