Farmville 2 is becoming an immense game on Facebook now. People want to add more and more neigbhours as it is a requirement of most of the mission and task at the farm.
Mainly the reason behind adding the neighbours is collection of different kinds of items and stuff from their respective farms.

Primarily we came across with following sort of problems in case of adding neighbours:

* Friends & Family get irritated by the invitation of becoming neighbour.

* Difficult to search relevant and reliable page & profile.

* Owner of page & profile will delete and mark your comment as spam and as a result your Facebook profile gets banned.

Here comes a better alternative to add neighbours by avoiding all of the above problems and their consequences.

All you have to do is just Join the following Facebook Add Me Group And Like The Follwing Page….

By doing so all members of this group will send you “neighbour add request” after sending you friends request.


Click follow button below to add direct neighbour:


After that we will send you add neighbour request.