Farmville 2 Bonus FREE Gift post for Treasure Hunt Goodies.Here we can share only Farmville 2 Bonus of Treasure Hunt.These goodies help you to complete your quests task and missions..Once again we remind you these Farmville 2 Bonus links are only good for 4 or 5 friends each link.These Farmville 2 Bonus Treasure Hunt Goodies are posted at random, so check back regularly and collect unllimited Farmville 2 Bonus everyday and don’t forget to share this news with your Farming freinds..

Here are few more Farmville 2 Bonus Water,Favor and Fuel:

Farmville 2 Free Gift Of 10 Favor 
Farmville 2 Free Gift of 10 Favor
Farmville 2 Free Gift Of 10 Water

Farmville 2 Bonus Treasure Hunt Goodies:
Metal Sheet
Wool Thread Spindle
Lavender Pearl
Rare Exotic Egg