Farmville 2 Build Bouquet Buggy Official Guide

Farmville 2 new feature Bouquet Buggy Slowly Rolling Out to all Farmer’s.Here you can Make Spring Bouquets for your Friends and get Thank You Cards in return!The more Spring Bouquets we make the more Thank You Cards we can get. Check below official guide of the Bouquet Buggy building.

Story Line:  Your friend picked up a Spring Bouquet and left a Thank You Card! Share some! Make Spring Bouquets for your Friends and Get Thank You Cards in return!

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Bouquet Buggy:

First you need to place Bouquet Buggy in your farm in order to build it.


After placing Bouquet Buggy in your farm precy will come and help you to collecting Thank You Cards..


Following Material will be required in order to build Bouquet Buggy.




Floral Fillers
Buggy Wheels
Buggy Planks

Number of parts required to build your Bouquet Buggy is shown below!



It will be easy for you to complete the building if you have accumulated sufficient materials. Lastly, you will need to ask your friend for help purpose. A preview of Bouquet Buggy:


After completely Bouquet Buggy, click on it to access the recipes you will need to make to get THANK YOU CARDS. You can use these thankyou cards later to exchange for EXCLUSIVE REWARDS:



Inviting Friends:Only 5 friends at a time can appear at your Bouquet Buggy while the rest will be in the queue.

Making Spring Bouquets:

Harvest Orange Marigolds (10) + Harvest Sunflowers (10) = Golden Pomander (1 Spring Bouquet)

Harvest Crimean Irises (6) + Ask your friends for this Lace Fan (2) = Floral Fanfare (2 Spring Bouquet)

Harvest Ducks, Turkeys and Peacocks to obtain this Brown Feather (6) + Ask your friends for this Spring Flower Basket (3) = Spring Pageant (3 Spring Bouquet)

Note: If you make Spring Bouquets and has no invited friend yet,
as soon as a friend accepts the invite/ appears in the main page,
the game will automatically take away the Spring Bouquet with the highest score, first


Share & Collect Thank you Cards:



Farmer’s need to make Thankyou Cards and exchange it for  exclusive Rewards ad final Reward Baby White Rhea Ostrich.


Thnak You Card




13 Thank You Cards = Living Chair


39 Thank You Cards = Japanese Larch Tree



71 Thank You Cards = Goodie Bag (Coins, Unwither, Speed-Grow, & Super Feed)


110 Thank You Cards = Purple Floral Arch


156 Thank You Cards = Baby White Rhea



Final Reward:




Baby White Rhea
Adult White Rhea
Prized White Rhea





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