Farmville 2 Build Duck Derby Starting Gate

Farmville 2 new feature coming soon into the game called Duck Derby Starting Gate!.Here we will need adult ducks for this feature as we are going to compete and pick which duck will win the race..At the end farmer’s will be receive final prize a rare Chocolate Aubrac Cow..! Check below early preview of the Duck Derby Starting Gate.

*This Feature will be available to all farmers on 14th April, 2015*

Story Line:

Build a Duck Derby Starting Gate! Feed Ducks to prepare for the Race!
 Win a baby Chocolate Aubrac Cow!
 Finish building the Starting Gate for a chance to win up to 100,000 coins each Race!
 Buy more Ducks! Need more Ducks for the Race? Race More Ducks!
 Congratulations! The Duck you selected won 1st place. You won {amount} Coins!
 You won {amount} coins!
 Congratulations! The Duck you selected won 2nd place. You won {amount} Coins!
 Congratulations! The Duck you selected won 3rd place. You won {amount} Coins!
 The Duck you selected finished 4th. You won {amount} Coins! Try again for a chance to win more rewards!
 The Duck you selected finished 5th. You won {amount} Coins! Try again for a chance to win more rewards!
 For successfully hosting 5 Duck Races, you won a baby Chocolate Aubrac Cow!
Having more ducks increases the jackpot. Have 9 to play for the Jumbo Jackpot!

Duck Derby Starting Gate:

First you need to place Duck Derby Starting Gate in your farm in order to build it.



Following Material will be required in order to build Duck Derby Starting Gate.




Duck Racing Flags
Bright Yellow Paint
Wooden Posts

Number of parts required to build your Duck Derby Starting Gate is shown below!



It will be easy for you to complete the building if you have accumulated sufficient materials. Lastly, you will need to ask your friend for help purpose. A preview of Duck Derby Starting Gate:



A completed Duck Derby Starting Gate.


Here’s a look of some of the reward that will be given away:




Lighthouse Lantern



Floating Garden



Pond in a Box


Final Reward:




Baby Chocolate Aubrac Cow
Adult Chocolate Aubrac Cow
Prized Chocolate Aubrac Cow







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