FarmVille 2 Build Free Bunny Nursery For Rabbit


Farmville 2 have introduce new feature in the game setting call Bunny Nursery and will be available soon.This new bunny nursery will help farmers to save more space and population of animals also farmers will get more rewards and can store you bunny in bunny nursery and produce many more resources..farmville 2 developers are working on the game and daily introduce new items.these items will help you to make your farm more beautiful and not forget to visit our site everyday for more news and more about bunny nursery below.

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Following material we will need to build rabbit nursery.blackboards 10 – 10 litters for rabbits and 10 bags of dry food for rabbits.


It will then be for the rabbit goat take place in the nursery, give it a name and her first choose capacity and then a personality. It will cause your rabbit’s ability and personality that pampers you in making objects!

Here are the capabilities and personalities that you can choose and bonus they relate.


  • Bonus fertilizer – A rabbit has this ability produces two doses of fertilizer.
  • Bonus appetite – A rabbit has this ability hungry twice as fast.
  • Bonus wool – A rabbit has this capacity produced two bales of wool.


  • Malicious – A mischievous rabbit love making silly … but it’s so cute that you can not blame him.
  • Loving – A loving bunny loves cuddles and will follow you around your farm.
  • Acrobat – acrobat A rabbit loves to run around and play the fool in the farm.

For training of personality you have, for example, make hoops

  • a hoop of green drive – acrobat
  • a yellow hoop workout – malicious
  • a driving hoop lavender – loving


It may also appear FREE place other nurseries to raise more rabbit at the same time

“Buy from other nurseries for free rabbits still breed more rabbits simultaneously. “



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