FarmVille 2: Build Logging Camp and Attract Wild Ducks

Farmville 2 complete guide how to build logging canp and attract wild ducks.New quest has arrived and you need to build logging camp.After build completely you will be able to attract duck in your farms and these ducks will become yours..In this quest you need to clear the river of logs..We share complete guide and task below that how to do this..After finish quest you will get exclusive prize.Don’t forget to share this post with your friends..


There is total 4 week of this quest and each week have 4 you need to complete 4 week mission to win exclusive reward.Gus will offer you to build the forest camp before anything. This camp will help you during this month full of assignments and at the end of this month of missions Gus will destroy the camp and it does not take up any additional space. The logs prevents wild ducks settling into our river and so we will have to remove all the logs so they can go back onto the river.

Here is what we read in our files about this event:

“The rains have created a dam of logs, which prevents certain species of ducks nesting here.Restore the river with the help of your friends “

Week 1: “Build a logging camp and ask your friends to help you clear the log dam. “

Week 2:  This is the second week of the dam log on Palouse River. Take a picnic and identifie logs.

Week 3:  This is the third week of the dam log on Palouse River. You have skidded wood to clear the river.

Week 4: “This is the fourth week of the dam log on Palouse River. Forget your plow and leave your rocking chair. Mandarin duck need the water clear. “

Here is a picture of the river crowded with logs and logging camp to build together with the required materials and asking four friends to finalize the construction!



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