Farmville 2 Build Mixing Vat Official Guide

Remember the cuddly Chinchillas? These pets will now help us win a charming baby Golden Pygmy Mini Pig. Let’s build us a Mixing Vat so we can begin.

If you are level 15, the “Trail Mix-A-Lot!” popup will appear. Click on the “Place Mixing Vat!” button to start building this feature:




There are two steps to complete in order to build the vat. First, gather the materials:




Second, invite neighbors to be your builders:




Your finished Mixing Vat will look like this:




Click on the building to open the menu. So, we can make different mixes, we need to have Trail Mixes.




How to get Trail Mixes? One, feed adult Chinchillas. To collect more Trail Mix, have 10 adult Chinchillas in your farm.


You can also craft Trail Mixes:




When you have collected Trail Mixes, click on the Make button:




Note: You can randomly get a Snack Pack Mix, Berry Delight Mix or Fall Flavors Mix.




After collecting all the mixes, you will get the cute baby Golden Pygmy Mini Pig and 10 Favors.




Don’t forget to feed your adult Chinchillas so you’ll get plenty of Trail Mixes. In no time, you’ll get the awesome rewards!



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