Farmville 2 Build Otter Slide

Farmville 2 and Zynga have introduce new feature in the game called Otter Slide. The Otter Slide is buildable and we can build it in order to help a baby smooth coated otter who is feeling lonely. In this feature we will need to feed otters and collect Clam Shells and Mussel Shells.

Following material We will need to build the Otter Slide.

Log Slides

Hand Saws

Potted Ferns

Potted Ferns

we can compeletely build Otter Slide after collect all the parts

The goal of this feature are:

  • Help and cheer Baby Otter.
  • Collect Clam Shells and Mussel Shells.
  • You can place the Otter Slide in either land or water.


Baby Smooth Coated OtterBaby Smooth Coated Otter



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