Farmville 2 Build Shell Ornament Stall

Farmville 2 and zynga have announe the new buildable feature is coming in the game very soon called Shell Ornament Stall.First we will build the stall and then start collecting Blue shells by feeding adult otters.We will help percy to collecting Blue Shells.If we collect enough Blue Shells the Percy is giving away a Black Swedish Duck.


The Shell Ornament Stall will be expected to run from December 9, 2014.


Building the Shell Ornamental Stall:

You need to have at least 3 Adult Otters in order to access the Shell Ornamental Stall.

Percy need us to build the Shell Ornament Stall and promises to give us a Black Swedish Duck if we collected enough Blue Shells.


Shell Ornament Stall

Here are the materials we will need to complete the Shell Ornament Stall and start collecting Blue Shells:

Feed adult Otters to get clam shells + Ask your friends for this Blue Glitter = Blue Shell

Collecting Blue Shells:

When you feed your Adult Otters, aside from the Clam Shells, Blue Shells will also drop.

These buttons will show when you have Blue Shells.


Ornament Basket


Wooden Panels


Bottle Of Beads


A completed Shell Ornament Stall


The goal of the Shell Ornament Stall are:

  • Feed Adult Otters to find Blue Shells!
  • Sort Blue Shells, create Holiday Ornaments.
  • Win a Baby Black Swedish Duck!


Blue Shells

You can make Blue Shells with Blue Glitters and Clam Shells


Blue Glitter


Clam Shells

Collect enough Blue Shells to win a Black Swedish Duck


Redeeming the Baby Swedish Duck:



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