Farmville 2 Build So Fond-of-ue Official Guide!

Valentine’s Day is coming and Barbara has something exciting to propose. She wants us to make sure the mood at the B&B is nice and romantic by making some tasty chocolate fondue. Let’s make some and invite our friends and share with them. We’ll have a beautiful Baby Amiatina Donkey as a reward.


If you are level 15, the “So Fond-of-ue!” popup will appear. Click on the “Build Fondue Vat!” button to begin this feature:




To start building the Fondue Vat, gather all the materials needed:


So Fond-of-ue  FarmVille 2


Then, invite your friends to be your builders or hire them:


So Fond-of-ue - FarmVille 2


Once it’s done, this is how your Fondue Vat would look like:


So Fond-of-ue - FarmVille 2


Click on the Fondue Vat to view the menu:


So Fond-of-ue - FarmVille 2


Collect Chocolate Hearts in order to get the rewards from the Fondue Vat. One way to collect Chocolate Hearts is by making tasty Chocolate Fondue.


So Fond-of-ue - FarmVille 2


Note: Each Chocolate Fondue rewards you with a specific number of Chocolate Hearts.

There are three chocolate fondue that you can make:

Pears in Syrup: 8 Rose Myrtles + 6 Pears


So Fond-of-ue - FarmVille 2


Swiss Cheesecake: 6 Swiss cheese + 2 Cupcake Molds


So Fond-of-ue - FarmVille 2


Foaming Chocolate: 6 Milks + 3 Milk Frothers


So Fond-of-ue - FarmVille 2


If you do not have the ingredient, you can ask your Co-op friends by clicking on the “Call My Co-op” button or you can click the “Post” button so your friends can send you one.


So Fond-of-ue - FarmVille 2


Once the Chocolate Fondue is ready, invite your friends by clicking the “Invite” button and your friends will leave Chocolate Hearts after tasting your tasty Chocolate Fondue.


So Fond-of-ue - FarmVille 2


Collect as many Chocolate Hearts as you can and redeem awesome prizes! Get the beautiful Baby Amiantina Donkey and 10 Favors as your final rewards!


So Fond-of-ue - FarmVille 2


So what are you waiting for? Let’s make some tasty Chocolate Fondue and share it with our friends!


We hope you enjoy our latest release and we would love your feedback. Share your feedback below.



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