Farmville 2 Build Your Lumberjack Camp

Farmville 2 and zynga have release new buildable feature in the game called Lumberjack Camp.In this feature we will build Lumberjack Camp to help baby otter and in return there will be exclusive rewards to given away.This feature will be running for 4 week. Each week have lof to task to be completed..Below we show you some preview of this feature.


How to build you Lumberjack Camp:


Goal of this feature:

  • Help the Little Orphan Otter.
  • Clear the fallen pine tree and get a baby giant otter! (4 Weeks each week have a series of tasks)
  • Win a Peaceful Pine Patio set!
  • Complete bonus tasks to get baby bottles, sugar, and salt!


Following parts we will need to build Lumberjack Camp:



  1. Yellow Axe
  2. Blue Clipper
  3. Red Trimmer



After finish each week task you will get exclusive item as a reward:


Peaceful Pine Patio Chair


Peaceful Pine Patio Love Seat


Peaceful Pine Patio Table

A baby brown otter to swim in your river!

Giant-Otter (1)

Giant Otter

Beside this rewards, there’s also baby bottles, sugar, and salt to be given away when ever you finish the bonus tasks.



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