Farmville 2 Build Your Mini Mineral Lick Official Guide!

Farmville 2 Mini Mineral Lick is new buildable and now available in the game..Upon completion of this building you will be awarded with Brown Mini Zebu Cow. Complete the Mini Mineral Lick so Tess and Bess can be best friends again.Take The Cows By The Horns! Make Tess and Bess comfortable on your farm and they’ll go right back to being BFFs again.We are sharing Officialy Guide of Mini Mineral Lick. This will illustrate you various items and their rewards upon completion of it.




First you need to place Mini Mineral Lick in your farm in order to build it.

Following Material will be required in order to build Mini Mineral Lick.


Mineral Blocks

Salt Dishes

Support Beams

Number of parts required to build your Mini Mineral Lick is shown below!


It will be easy for you to complete the building if you have accumulated sufficient materials. Lastly, you will need to ask your friend for help purpose. A preview of Mini Mineral Lick:





Main Page:

Help Tess!


Build a Mini Mineral Lick.


Collect 5 Sweet Alfalfa Treats.
Mini Maze Craze Quests


Make 5 Cow Splints for Added protection.



Create this Padded Splint in your Workshop + Ask your friends for this Elastic Band = Cow Splint


Create this Heirloom Padded Splint in your Workshop + Ask your friends for this Elastic Band = Cow Splint


Help Bess!



Harvest Deer and Buffaloes to obtain this Fur + Harvest Prized Sheep to obtain this Fine Fleece = Highland Cow Toy


Create this Porcelain in your Crafting Kiln + Create this Pottery Slip in your Crafting Kiln = Cow Creamer


Create this Bottle Cozy in your Workshop + Ask your friends for this Hot Water Bottle = Cow Warmer


Additional Information:
• Mini Mineral Lick will become a decoration after helping Tess and Bess.
• If you didn’t get to place Tess or Bess on your farm, please check your Inventory.
Tess = Baby Brown Mini Zebu Cow
Bess = Black Highland Cow



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