Farmville 2 Build Your Music Stand

Farmville 2 and zynga will released the new feature in the game next week called ” Music Stand“.. This new feature will be similer to previous feature “Winter Carriage Ride” if you play. We will need to complete the 5 Caroling Rides and to make this rides we will need to finish 3 task and invite your friends to go for ride ..In every ride you will get free Exclusive Reward and the final reward will be a Baby smoke Nigora Goat.


* This should expected start from 12/23/14.



  • Craft caroling supplies!
  • Invite your friends to join you on the ride!
  • Win an exclusive Baby Smoke Nigora Goat!
  • Take your friends on a caroling carriage ride around FarmVille 2!
  • Tip: Each caroling ride is more rewarding than the last!
  • Host 5 caroling rides and win rewards!
  • You’ll need a Music Stand to hold songbooks for the caroling ride!
  • Have a Music Stand on your farm and host cheer-filled caroling carriage rides around FarmVille 2!



Place the Farmville 2 Music Stand in your farm.

Screenshot_1 (1)

Marie will pay you a visit to inform you about her plan of taking some of the townfolk caroling in Farmville 2 Music Stand.

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3

These items are needed to complete the Music Stand.


Following Material will be required to build Music Stand.

icon_questing_songbook_holder_cogs-4b33471cddb54be1abdf15d4c04660fc icon_questing_round_table_base_cogs-60ecc19092c7a3852f82139707f40581 icon_questing_gilded_bell_cogs-5c8e20dad4b6d4a5630d3ae4349d91de
 Song Book Holder  Round Table Bases  Gilded Bells

Ride 1:



  • Craft 2 Penny Whistles
  • Craft 5 Berry Custards
  • Craft 5 Fig Cakes

Ride 2:

carolingCarriage_photos_waltbabs-5daa4239ef4470e2a968b824efbe9855 (1)


  • Craft 2 Yellow Songbooks
  • Craft 2 Toy Tool Sets
  • Craft 8 Apple Scones


Ride 3:

carolingCarriage_photos_marie-58ab17282347e62b1b36b32f8959b66b (1)


  • Craft 3 Purple Songbooks
  • Craft 2 Pairs of Dancing Shoes
  • Craft 8 Peach Lemonade

Music Stand Regular reward is Power, Baby Bottles, Fertilizer etc


carolingCarriage_icon_reward_1-a571fb1c6d9028cb779b0743996df432 carolingCarriage_icon_reward_2-b7a22d5de94c34195ae0a0a739fc6491 carolingCarriage_icon_reward_3-e1c85abcd6a2d5e155e386a037950c05
Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
carolingCarriage_icon_reward_4-3ce443c0d815f8e18f048e6e4f246eb0 carolingCarriage_icon_reward_5-fcb22637ad16d1ae33824ef70f0c8ce1 carolingCarriage_icon_tableGift-c05727b6d45a3c61825fd4eb81203f80
Reward 4 Reward 5 Reward 6


Music Stand  main rewards “Baby Smoke Nigora Goat


icon_goat_child_nigorasmoke_600_cogs-77b00b3d94f18f83ebd731433f9c1efd icon_goat_adult_nigorasmoke_600_cogs-4a8f4cde002ad9726e07dcdffbb69853 icon_goat_adult_nigorasmoke_600_prized_offset2-10187080ee179c198b4bf15b0e831487
Baby Smoke Nigora Goat Smoke Nigora Goat Prized Smoke Nigora Goat






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