Farmville 2 Celebrate 1st anniversary and Win Free Cow

Farmville 2 celebrate his 1st anniversary.this is so much popular game on facebook..Farmville 2 increase ranking very fast in all other zynga games..We love to play this game everyday and everytime..Just fix the game issuse and make players happy..we know developers are working on these issues but some issues are not concern with game play like expension for low price,supplies for free etc..

We are facing so many issues since we play this game..check below some main issue..

  • Pig pen issue – Harvest 100 time and gotten coins not pig
  • Chiken coop issue – Need to upgrade chiken coop
  • Neighbor visit issue – can’t visit all my neighbor because We keep getting thrown out of game
  • Reloading issue – Reloading game in every 5 minute
  • Less supplies – We need more Baby bottles, Water, Fuel, And fertilizer without spending cash 
  • Land expension issue – we need expension for low price

Celebrate the birthday party.first place the birthday cake in your farm and then invite your friends to eat cake with you and after party is over you can win Exclusive cow and place on your farm.Unfortunately we do not know the name of cow.

9728968403_5b3bc3ef06_oRead below instruction from zynga:

  1. Happy Birthday FarmVille 2
  2. This is our first birthday! Come join us to share a delicious cake and gifts.
  3. Let’s celebrate!
  4. Thank you for celebrating our birthday with us. Place your cow and sharing the love with all your friends.
  5. The party is over
  6. You can now store your cake in your inventory.



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