Farmville 2: Changes to XP and Leveling!

We’re Making Some Changes to XP and Leveling. Here’s What You Need To Know!

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In an approaching update, we will be making changes to some of the XP values in game. The data and feedback we’ve collected indicates that Prized Animals grant XP in a way that’s disproportionate to other aspects of life down on the farm. Currently, a Farmer who focuses on raising Prized Animals will reach higher levels far sooner than a Farmer who takes a more holistic view of farm life. While it is gratifying to see players choose the “type” of farm they want to run, it’s our belief that all of these types should be equally viable.

To address this discrepancy, we will be making two primary changes. First, we will reduce the amount of XP required to LEVEL UP. That means the vast majority of Farmers will be able to experience new or level-locked features sooner, giving them an earlier opportunity to take advantage of the XP granted by the game’s various mechanics. We will also reduce the amount of XP gained from Prized Animals, so that they do not continue to imbalance the game or overshadow the multitude of ways Farmers can gain XP. Animals purchased with Farm Bucks will reward slightly higher XP to ensure they remain more valuable than animals purchased with coins.

We believe that these changes will allow our players the freedom to enjoy every facet of FarmVille 2 without worrying that their neighbors, who may have chosen to play the game differently, are out-levelling them at a discouraging rate. Please know that this change is part of a continued effort to improve the game, and that the FarmVille 2 team is committed to delivering more fixes and improvements on an ongoing basis. As is usually the case with alterations of this magnitude, your feedback was instrumental in deciding these changes and we will continue monitor your responses as we go forward with this update. 

Thank you for your continued support and understanding,

The FarmVille 2 Team



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