Farmville 2 Zynga Get Ultimate Farmbuck Guide

Welcome to the Misfits Ultimate Guide for Farmbucks.

If you turn off ad-blocker. And refresh. Watch this area while you play Just above your Farmville game you can find this Ad:​

When you see it. Click on it. It will ask you to watch a 30 second video. At the end of the 30 seconds youll hit ” finish” and you will recieve 1 FarmBuck. If you press F5 on your Keyboard it will refresh the screen to a new 30 second video, continue this process until it wont offer you any more videos.

Farmbucks can also be earned on various Quests & Objectives as well as the following Noteable Places:

10 Farmbucks for Intalling Zynga’s Farm Buddy Extention for Chrome

20 FarmBucks from connecting Farmville Country Escape to your Mobile device.

There are Lots of items that you can spend farm bucks on. However.  Before listing them I’d like to say. There is NO reason that you need to be using farm bucks for outside of : Buying Limited Edition Animals just because you want them. And special quests you feel are worth it.  Belonging to a good Co-Op , a few farming groups and having neighbors should put you in a situation that you do not truly need Farm Bucks.

But note that buying Farm bucks does however keep farmville free.

Things you can do with Farm Bucks:

  • Purchasing any adult animals for your farm

  • Purchasing premium baby animals for your farm (these baby animals will be guaranteed with the highest possible productivity once you raise them to adults)

  • Purchasing special crop packets which allow you to plant certain crops for a period of 1 or 2 weeks

  • Purchasing premium trees, as well as any heirloom trees for your farm

  • Purchasing the more attractive ornaments for your farm

  • Skipping tasks of any mission/quest, no matter how trivial (for instance, it costs 2 Farm Bucks to skip the “Zoom the camera out” task of one of the tutorial missions)

Things where you are offered a choice between paying Farm Bucks and “requesting help from your friends” include:

  • Gathering materials to construct buildings.

  • Constructing buildings. You will always be asked to get your friends to complete any building once you finish gathering items. If you have no time to do this, you can hire builders for 1 or 2 Farm Bucks each.

  • Crafting certain goods. As seen in the Kitchen or Klin Etc.

  • Unlocking additional farm patches also involves “gathering materials” and then “recruiting friends” to clear obstructions away.

  • Quests from Level 10 and up sometimes have a task where you have to get rare, uncraftable items which must be “gathered from friends”, but you can skip this by buying them for Farm Bucks.



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