Farmville 2 Cider Station Official Guide!

Winter is here! Let’s make one of the finer things in life! It’s a great time to enjoy some Cider. Make some lovely cider based on the recipes in the Cider Station and get the beautiful baby Charolais Cow as a bonus.

If you are level 15 or higher, you will see the following pop-up. Click on the “Get Started!” button to begin the feature.


Next is to collect all the building materials needed:


Cider Station - FarmVille 2


Ask your friends to be a builder or hire them to complete the building:


Cider Station - FarmVille 2


Click the completed Cider Station to see the Main Menu.


Cider Station - FarmVille 2


Click on The Energizer to start crafting for Cider Points!


Cider Station - FarmVille 2


The Energizer will be mixed in the Cider Barrel  for 18 hours.


Cider Station - FarmVille 2


Once it’s ready, you can harvest it to get Cider Points!


Cider Station - FarmVille 2


Different recipes have different timers and will give you different Cider Points so choose carefully. You may also click on the right or left arrows in order to browser through the different recipes that you can craft.


Cider Station - FarmVille 2


Also, if you’re missing a crafting material, you may call upon your co-op members in order to get the item!


Cider Station - FarmVille 2


After filling up the 2 Cider Barrels with recipes, you can build 3 more to get the most of the feature! Simply click on the “Start” button in order to begin.


Cider Station - FarmVille 2


Complete it by asking or hiring your friends.


Cider Station - FarmVille 2


Start earning rewards by reaching the needed amount of Cider Points for certain thresholds:


Cider Station - FarmVille 2


25 Cider Points – Apple Pavers

75 Cider Points – Cider Fountain

150 Cider Points – Goodie Bag

275 Cider Points – Fruit Vine Wall

500 Cider Points – Baby Charolais Cow

Now let’s go ahead and start collecting those Cider Points!


We hope you enjoy our latest release and we would love your feedback. Share your feedback below



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