FarmVille 2 Clean Trough with Free Water

FarmVille 2 Clean your Trough with Free Water

As we inform you before the new farmville 2 tasks and quest are coming soon into the game.Before starting new tasks and quests you need to finish old quests and task and be ready for the new one.New quests and task can be arrive any time in the game.We share this free gift for those who have less stock of water to complete old task and start new one..Collect this free gift of water and fill your trough with water & also keep extra water for new quests…Space is very importent element in the game.Farmers need lot of space to decorate farms and keep more pets..Free advise to all Farmers please upgrade your animal storage and increase population of your animals.Keep more pets in your farm and if you have low space then store your animals in one place..I love to play farmville 2 everyday and big thankyou to developers they make this game eassy and interesting..The new items are coming soon into the game and also Soon we will have new and easy way to produce more energy,water and power..To claim this free gift just click on below link or image..

  • If you collect this free water successfully so you will see pop up message that will tell yoo, you have won this gift of water..
  • Comment below and tell us how many drops of ¬†water you have claimed today.
  • Enjoy and press like and share button below.


 Add comments below and tell us what bonus or item you collect ?



  1. Crystal
  2. Sarah Jane Overbay

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