Farmville 2 Co-op FAQ’s

Sometimes, we all tend to OVER think the simplest things.
Is the Co-op simple? Nope! but it is NOT hard either.
We call the Co-op “hard” because of what the Quest asks us to do.. It is not hard. It is meant to time consuming and not a walk in the pasture.
The key to it all of this is to have A LOT in your co-op…. And it doesn’t matter who is the “leader” – it’s not a competition nor a contest. There is no grand hoopla prize in the end. Coins and Favors if I am correct…. My heart be still.
And if it too much for ya to deal with…. there is the option….of NOT doing the co-op Quests at all. The rewards are not that mind blowing, honestly. It is for fun. FUN!
Someone asked me of the “benefit” of the Co-op.
Well I can see of a few…
1) Making $$$ (coins) which we NEED for Expansions etc.
2) Working with our neighbors
3) Getting Favors which are needed for upgrades etc
Unless you prefer to spend real time cash on Virtual $$$ then doing these co-op Quests really are a good way to make the favors and coins, in my opinion. -Vic-
Here are some frequently asked questions about My Farm Co-op that you may find helpful:

Q: Will creating a new Co-op automatically create/generate a corresponding Facebook game group?

A: Yes but you can always opt out of one. If you’re joining an existing Co-op, you’ll be asked to join its Facebook game group. When you post for feeds, they show up in the group so your Co-op members can easily click them all in one place! Also, when you send requests for Sugar, Salt, and building parts; you’ll see your Co-op friends in the list to ask from.

Q: What happens if the Leader decides to leave the Co-op?

A: The first member who joined the Co-op becomes the leader. If there are no other members, it will automatically be deleted.

Q: What are the benefits of being Co-op Leader?

A: Co-op Leaders are allowed to accept private invites, promote members, and ban others.

Q: Will adding more members to a Co-op also increase the amount of orders we need to complete?

A:Yes, there will be an increase in the amount of orders to complete for the Co-op goals. The key to success is to have all members join forces to make it easier to accomplish the Co-op Goals.

Q: If I donate an item, is it also removed from my Inventory?

A: Yes but it’s a good feeling to help your Co-op teammate!

Q: Why do I see other Co-ops that are ahead of us in the Delivery Map when this feature was just released last week?

A: These players are early unlocking players. Just complete the Co-op Goals every week to ensure your progress to the next town!

Q: If I leave a Co-op with lesser progress to join one that is farther up on the Delivery Map, would my progress be the same as my new Co-op?

A: Fortunately, once you join a Co-op with higher progress than you, that Co-op’s progress will be your progress too even if you came from a Co-op with lesser progress.

Q: Can I move on to another town immediately after completing the Co-op Goals?

A: Once you complete the Co-op goals for the week, you need to wait for the next week to move on to the next town. It’s always an advantage to finish early!

Q: Will I get more Orders from the Order Board after completing my personal goal and the Co-op goal?

A: Yes, this means you’ll have more chances to earn Favors and coins that can be used in your farm.

Q: Will all members of a Co-op receive the 200 Favors after completing the Co-op goal?

A: Only players who contributed to the achievement of the Co-op goal will receive the reward.

Q: When will I receive the reward for being “Top Farmer of The Week”?

A: The 50 Water reward for being “Top Farmer of the Week” is given after the week.



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