Farmville 2: Complete Guide About winning for grazing animals

You know, winning tea grazing animals in farmville 2 will soon appear. you can even get it in before the first and that by buying with farm bucks. For others, it will wait a bit, That is shorterwaiting I decided to explain how the grazing animals winning all illustrated with a few small visual works.


Reminder: Grazing allow you to store ALL your winning animals and that unrestricted number.

NOTE: This enhancement will be available for players level 15 and above.

At the same time as the opening of the pasture you will receive a fuel pump , already built, to place on your farm. At that time Walter will visit and menu grazing animals awards will open.

You must click on the button “add animals” and winning all your animals will be in the pasture

CAUTION: This button will add only the winning animals are on your farm and not those stored in shelters, huts and enclosures and animals of the inventory.

The fuel pump

69gHBc7Add winning in grazing animals allow you to fill the fuel pump, You will have more animals in your pasture more fuel pump will be filled.


The first time you click on the fuel pump you will receive 10 doses of free fuel. pump fills every 18 hours.

You can improve the fuel pump As you fill the pasture. (At first the pump can only contain 10 doses of fuel, you can improve up to 45 doses).

Do you look forward to unlock your pasture for winning and use the fuel pump animals?



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