Farmville 2: Computer and Flash Management For Best Gameplay


I’ve noticed a lot of Fans saying they aren’t getting this Quest or that build.
I even noticed some of you will say that your Partner/Spouse or Child have it as they live in the same house play on the same PC but when you go to play you do not have it.

When you play your Game – you are given a UID – (User Identification Number) We all have our OWN number. No one has the same UID (unless you and hubby PLAY ONE Game.

So, this brings me to ZYNGA Servers, Facebook Servers, your Internet Provider and your Processor Speed. These all play a factor. Even IF hubby or child is sitting right next to you.

It depends on the server you are on, because you can be on Server 25 of 368 and hubby or child can be on server 1 of 368 ( these are made up numbers by the way) My point is we are all on a Server. Which one, no idea. It spits out the mission. We get it when we get it.

Another huge factor many do not take into consideration with how their game is acting…. especially with loading issues – is YOUR, yes I said YOUR Computer Processor Speed. It is so very important that you keep the Flash clean. FV2 is Flash Heavy. You want to make sure your Flash is updated.
You always want to make sure you are using a Browser that is supportive to these heavy Flash Games.

Flash Settings

Chrome is prone to flash crashes because it is capable of using two different flash plug-ins and if both are enabled, it will cause software conflicts. Often when you look at the plug-ins on your browser which you can do by going to chrome://plugins, you will see that both are enabled by default. One version will need to be disabled to stop the crashes.

To each their own – but Internet Explorer is NOT a Browser for Flash Heavy Games.
If you are using the Chrome Browser you will always want to make sure there is only ONE Flash Version running. (pepperflash) usually will enable and cause loading & white screen issues. By simply disabling this will resolve the
loading trouble. Many Players like Firefox as well to play the game. I honestly juggle between FF and Chrome staying with Chrome and going to FF when Chrome is a being a pain. I rarely have loading issues. And I prefer to play my game on the platform. The plus side to playing there… Neighbors GALORE! No risk of Facebook Jail. And my Zynga newsfeed is plentiful of items that are RARE here ion Facebook. The Newsfeed here on Facebook…. well… I wont even go there. I hope this has helped a few of you Fans.

Note – for explanation on checking current versions read here



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