FarmVille 2: Country Escape Halloween Pageant Guide

The Halloween Pumpkin Pageant has arrived on your farm! Craft Halloween goods and earn Potion Points. Climb the Leaderboard and earn the exclusive Czech Wolfdog permanent Farm Hand.


If you are at least level 9, you will see a pop-up inviting you to the Halloween Pumpkin Pageant Event! You might have to force close the game to see the update, which means to clear it from your mobile device’s memory. You may need to reboot your device.


There are 2 stages to this event; each will be 5 days in length. Complete the Halloween Pumpkin Pageant, and compete with farmers all over the world for the top leaderboard position! Quests will reward you with Potion Points, so be sure to complete as many as you can.


The Halloween Pumpkin Pageant Stand will be located behind Eagle Eye Eddie. You will see 3 orders at a time that either can be harvested (crops), or crafted. Each item requested will have a different timer to allow you time to get the items needed.


Tip: Check the Farm Stand often to see if your friends are selling what you need.


On the upper right of the first tab of the Halloween Pumpkin Pageant (image above) is where you can easily access the Boosts available.  You can boost the amount of Potion points by 50% using coins, or by 100% using keys. There will be a timer once a boost is activated and a short cool-down period when you can buy another boost. Boosts will last 1 hour, and you can only select one boost at a time. (prices subject to change based on level)



The second tab will show you the leaderboard that you are in. Not everyone you know will be in the same leaderboard. The leaderboard tab will tell you which prize category you are currently in (Gold, Silver, or Bronze). You can also see how you rank among your friends. To be fair to all, you will be in a leaderboard with others that are similar level. While viewing the leaderboard you will now be able to see which Farmers are using boosts.



You will see 3 different rewards that are broken into tiers. If you are in the top (gold) portion of your leaderboard on the final day of the event, you will be rewarded with the Czech Wolfdog. If you are in the middle position (Silver Cup level) you will earn 2 Padlocks, 3 Silver Stamps & 2 Gold Stamps, and if you are casually playing and land on the lower tier (bronze) you will still earn 2 Nails, 5 Bronze Stamps & 5 Golden Gloves!

There are 2 chances to win the prizes. The second stage will repeat the rewards shown below, but if you win the Czech Wolfdog on the first stage, the second stage will show the Charmed Czech Wolfdog. The Charmed Czech Wolfdog will be an upgrade to the existing Czech Wolfdog, not a second dog. The Charmed Czech Wolfdog will be great at finding Event items in select future events.

**You will only be able to earn one of the rewards, not all three! The higher you get on the leaderboard will determine what reward you will receive on the last day of the event! To earn the Charmed Czech Wolfdog you have to place in the Top 5 of your Leaderboard for both stages of the Event**



Start off the quests by visiting the Halloween Pumpkin Pageant Stand located behind Eagle Eye Eddie’s airplane. The Event HQ is where you earn Potion points, and display the leaderboard. (Shown above)
There are 6 Quests in this event. Tap on the Quest Manager on the lower left of your game to find quests. Completing these quests will reward you with Potion Points, so be sure to finish as many as you can!
New items needed and where to locate it:
  • Willow Bark – Explore the Corn Maze, Pappy’s Pond & the Mallard Mill to get these Willow Barks. These are the only places where you can find Willow Barks, and you can explore the Corn Maze using Corn Maze ticket, which can be crafted at the Windmill.
  • Vanilla Extract – Explore the Corn Maze & Grandma’s Glade or tend your prized animals.
  • Spider Silk – Explore the Corn Maze, Grandma’s Glade & the Prosperity Pier.
  • Dark Chocolate – Explore the Corn Maze & the Merryweather Mine.

**Tip: Crafted items that contain these event items will be have higher Potion Points! Make sure to have plenty of these event items to help you move up on the leaderboard!

QUESTS: (quantities of items below are subject to change)

The Halloween Pumpkin Pageant (1 of 6)

• Visit the Corn Maze
• Use Boost to speed ahead
• Earn 250 Potion Points

The Halloween Pumpkin Pageant (2 of 6)

• Collect 2 Vanilla Extract
• Collect 2 Dark Chocolate
• Make 6 Sugar

The Halloween Pumpkin Pageant (3 of 6)

• Cook up 2 Willow Moon Tonic
• Mix up 3 Spider Silk Elixir
• Make 2 Midnight Spider Salve

The Halloween Pumpkin Pageant (4 of 6)

• Bake 3 Vanilla Marshmallow Treats
• Whip up 5 Vanilla Chews
• Bake 3 Halloween Cookies

The Halloween Pumpkin Pageant (5 of 6)

• Fulfill 8 Event Orders
• Earn 750 Potion Points more
• Use 2 more Boosts to speed ahead

The Halloween Pumpkin Pageant (6 of 6)

• Make 8 Chocolate Candy Bars
• Make 6 Chocolate Mints
• Whip up 4 Chocolate Vanilla Chews



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