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Farmville 2 Cow Breeding is Here

Coming soon …..


Farmville 2 new feature coming soon into the game called “Cow Breeding”.Here You can breed unique and special cows and get more output from each new breed same like Horse Breeding.The higher the pedigree the bred cow has the better it’s production and points for the Fair!


Cow Stable:


The especially bred Cow can now be entered in STATE FAIR.

The cow have the better it’s production for your farm with the higher the PEDIGREE.

Now you can You can create special and unique looking Cow Breeds.These unique cow breeds will have better production output and more points at the Fair.


  • Selected 2 Cows in the stable
  • To know what type clave your cows produce. you need to controls the level of pedigree Cows feed on adult to drive up the Pedigree calf.
  • Also you can see the performance of cow with the pedigree grade which is (0 to 5)
  • Favors also need to spend to make the ‘ crossover when finished breeding of your calf can give any name

The stall will be Unlocked in advance by paying Farm Bucks or real money, having a discount of ‘ 80 %.Later it will be issued free for all of you..


  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5


To purchase early access will give you following rewards :

  • Exclusive bonus
  • 1 Stalla
  • 3 Cows limited edition

Following Cows will be add into the game when Cow Bredding Feature will be released.

Bred Stripe Spikedshort Brown Cow

Bred Stripe Spikedshort Brown Cow



Bred Blotchy Split Chestnut



Bred Stripe Mopslate Cow



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