Farmville 2: Discover the Rain Gift at The end of year

Farmville 2: The end of year is near Discover rain gifts that await you in the game! For 1 week (we do not know exactly which) we can discover a great deal of “gifts” in our game! We will send dozens of gifts to our friends and of course receive in return! We will try to explain this as best novelty and operation!

We will first have to place these mailboxes!


For 5 days we will come every day and click on the billboard. Cornelius Each day will offer a new offer.Then you can buy packs of resources and decorations. Packs will send gifts to each different days. So you can send gifts to your friends and when they will receive them, they will send you some back the “support packages” which will be composed of different materials, resources and even cash!

The more you send gifts to your friends more you receive in return in your letter box!

We do not know yet if it will be possible to buy packs with coins but we can help you discover thecomposition of different packs


Here is the composition of different packages that we can read in our files:

  • 5 farm bucks, 10 unwithers, 10 bags of fertilizer and a rustic table preparation
  • a pack of 60 spped grows
  • 30 a package of food doses turbo
  • 60 a package of food doses turbo
  • 40 baby bottles
  • +3 energy doses
  • a pack Commodities: Contains 20 bottles, 30 doses of feed and 30 parts water.
  • Salt and sugar pack: Contains 20 doses of salt and 20 doses of sugar.
  • a pack of 4 fences wagon wheels: Contains 4 fences wagon wheels.
  • a pack of 4 white fence slats: Contains 4 white fence slats.
  • Commodities for revenue: 20 doses of salt and 20 doses of sugar
  • 100 bags of fertilizer. Advantage of this offer soon.
  • 60 speed grows. Advantage of this offer soon.
  • 50 water.
  • 40 baby bottles! Advantage of this offer soon.
  • 30 doses of food turbo.



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