Farmville 2 “Election Souvenir Stand” Official Guide!

The election fever continues next week with Farmville 2 Election Souvenir Stand. We need to craft 3 recipes in the kitchen in order to campaign our favorite candidates. We will receive tickets in exchange. These tickets can be exchange for gifts. Make souvenirs at your Souvenir Stand and also Get Voter Forms from friends that collect souvenirs.


Place your Election Souvenir Stand in your farm and a cut scene will be activated to explain this new feature.

Collect required number of Voter Registration Forms to collect rewards.

We will need to collect tickets:

Election Tickets

The following are the recipes that we will be crafting:


Candidate Cupcake

Figurehead Figurine

Bonafide Balloon Basket

The rewards that can be exchange with:

10 Voter Registration Forms for 1 Election Balloon
25 Voter Registration Forms for 1 Election Statue
45 Voter Registration Forms for 1 Blue Ash Tree
75 Voter Registration Forms for 1 Election Wagon
115 Voter Registration Forms for 1 Baby Black Highland Cow and 10 Favors as FINAL REWARD.

Baby Black Highland Cow



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