Farmville 2 Fall Fire Pit Quest Guide

Light up the night in Farmville 2 Fall Bonfire feature which will be coming out this Tuesday along with a new quests the Winter is Coming. We will be building a Fire Pit and we will need to light orcraft 5 Fall Bonfires with our friends on our farm to win great rewards. Among the rewards areRed Bell Pepper Crop Packet which will be unlocked. We listed the following information to help and give players an idea of this feature.

To build a Fire Pit it will need the following materials like Kindling Piles, Limestone Bricks and Stone Hammers.

Once we completed building the Fall Bonfire we can now click it to see it’s menu:

Here are the list of recipes that we will be crafting in order to prepare for a Fall Bonfire:

Craft a Fall Bonfire 1 of 5:

Have Olive Oil x1
Have Lumber x2
Have Tinder x3

Craft a Fall Bonfire 2 of 5:
Pumpkin PieHave Pumpkin Pie x3
Tomato SoupHave Tomato Soup x3
Vegetable KabobsHave Vegetable Kabobs x2

Craft a Fall Bonfire 3 of 5:
Milk Chocolate BarsHave Milk Chocolate Bars x1
Marshmallow CandyHave Marshmallow Candy x3
Graham CrackersHave Graham Crackers x1

Craft a Fall Bonfire 4 of 5:
Leather JournalHave Leather Journal x3
Votive CandleHave Votive Candle x2
Vintage FlashlightHave Vintage Flashlight x2

Craft a Fall Bonfire 5 of 5:
Feather CharmHave Feather Charm x3
Bonfire BanjosHave Bonfire Banjos x1
Outdoor PillowsHave Outdoor Pillows x3
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