Farmville 2 Free Bonus “50000 Coins”

Off Topic:
We still trying to complete our chicken trough and at first it was asking for 4 silos. Then we added another and it said we needed 5 silos… so we added another and it then said we needed 6 silos…I think we have now added 6 and it’s saying we need to add another… Obviously a glitch and it needs to be fixed as there seems to be no end in sight. Please have a look and let me know. My feeding capacity before starting was 405, now I’m reduced to 355 even after buying those 3 more silos.
Also I would be more interested in these if there were one per type of animal. I do not group my animals the way that the troughs are grouped. For example, I do not pen my pigs with my horses since they may get trampled. I do not group my rabbits with my buffalo either. I generally am very excited about new items and upgrades, but unless changes are made, I will not be acquiring these as it would require making undesirable changes to my farm in order to use them.
Meanwhile This is mega gift released by Zynga after very long time. Now you can collect 100000 Coins free.

Click on the following image to collect 50000 Coins

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