FarmVille 2: Free Gift to Win 34 Speed Grows

Few days ago you got a quest to complete and to win 34 speed grows in your farm. We know you all are completing this quest to win this premium rewards of 34 speed grows in the game. So we are giving you free 10 water that will help you to earn 34 speed grows by completing sub quests and in the game. Some premium items are very difficult to get because you have to pay real money for these bonus premium items and these quests are not so easy to complete in which game developers gives you premium items free.  So enjoy fall in FarmVille 2 and get even more game rewards.

Everybody knows that Farmers can sometimes work long hours, so to start the weekend off early, we’re giving our players who visit the blog FREE Unwither! Hurry and collect before it’s all gone. Don’t forget to Like & Share this post with Friends so they can collect some, too!

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Comment below if you got 10 water and tell us how many of you completed this quest to win 34 speed grows?




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