Farmville 2 “Gala-vant” 1st Week” Quest Guide

Farmville 2 and zynga will releasing this new quest very soon called “Gala-vant” .This is 4 week quest guide, each week have diffrent task and rewards..Check below for more detail.

Expected duration of the Quest from: 12th January, 2016


1st Week:  Link
2nd Week: Link
3rd Week: Link
4th Week: Soon

Wheat-ever! 1-4

The Gala’s going to draw in a lot of people. We’ll need to prep for some good food!

Quest Tasks:

icon_waterDrop-4a5c3f343859024f54115bb1a1d5766bcrop_general_wheat_generic_icon-5aba9bd7dcc643c3fd773f7c2b117917 (1)crop_general_wheat_generic_icon-5aba9bd7dcc643c3fd773f7c2b117917 (1)

  • Gather 30 Water.
  • Water 15 Wheat.
  • Harvest 15 Wheat.


Bumpy Ride! 2-4

Percy and his friends are queuing up for the gala, we’ll need more sleds to go around!

Quest Tasks:


  • Collect 5 Gala Snow Sled.
  • Feed 4 Adult Cow.
  • Make 5 Berry Custard.



Protein-tious! 3-4

We’ll need a healthy bite for all those activities we have lined up!

Quest Tasks:

icon_crafting_cornbread-65d47f316ac62fba68bb15da125d38e2Baby_Brown_American_Buffalo (1)icon_crafting_egg_hardboiled-037af4d986e1d00ee28c0309e0cc211e

  • Make 4 Cornbread.
  • Get ot Raise 1 Buffalo.
  • Make 2 Hard Boiled Eggs.



Safety First! 4-4

Snow sledding can get really rough! We need to take precaution.

Quest Tasks:


  • Harvest 4 Apple Tree.
  • Make 4 Safety Cushion, for a safe landing.
  • Make 2 Toboggan Hat, to keep them warm.



Bonus Quest: “For the Win-ter!” 1-4

Raising the Bar!

There’s a huge demand for sleds! Well no surprise there, because It really is a fun sport!

Quest Tasks:

icon_questing_sled_gala-a4aca4be48b0cf2716bab7ed29695ad0Baby_Brown_American_Buffalo (1)Pickup_Truck

  • Collect 15 Gala Snow Sled.
  • Get or Raise 2 Buffalo.
  • Perform 100 helpful actions on neighbor farms.



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