Farmville 2 “Gala-vant” 2nd Week” Quest Guide

Farmville 2 and zynga will releasing this new quest very soon called “Gala-vant” 2nd week.This is also 4 week quest guide, each week have diffrent task and rewards..Check below for more detail.

Expected duration of the Quest from: 19th January, 2016


1st Week:  Link
2nd Week: LInk
3rd Week: Link
4th Week: Soon

Yummy In The Tummy! 1-4

What’s a gala without yummy food?

Quest Tasks:


  • Make 4 Cheese Quiche.
  • Use 5 Farm Hand.
  • Make 3 Apple Scone.


R-ice R-ice Baby! 2-4

I can’t wait to carve that ice, but I don’t think I have the right tools!

Quest Tasks:


  • Collect 5 Ice Chisel Set.
  • Fertilize 15 Rice.
  • Make 4 Rice Porridge.



In Good Hands! 3-4

Let’s not forget the animals, they’d love to be part of the gala!

Quest Tasks:

bldg_general_wandering_chinchilla_t1_icon-62ca00a671fa18cc20e29ddcffe1cd14icon_pig_child_hampshire_128-7cbcf3c89f3e5d1f354450b1d075d5e4 (1)icon_crafting_gloves_carving_ice-c21ced70108b2513ced20826337b2e64

  • Build the Mini Goat Playhouse.
  • Get or Raise 1 Pig.
  • Make 2 pair of Ice Carving Gloves, to have a better grip!



Snow Way! 4-4

With all this ice and snow flying around we’ll need to protect our eyes!

Quest Tasks:


  • Tend your Goat Shelter 2 times.
  • Craft 4 Baked Custard.
  • Craft 2 pair of Snow Goggles.



Bonus Quest: “For the Win-ter!” 2-4

Pigging Out!

Your pigs want in on the fun too, it’s time to welcome them at the gala!

Quest Tasks:

icon_crafting_cornbread-65d47f316ac62fba68bb15da125d38e2icon_pig_child_hampshire_128-7cbcf3c89f3e5d1f354450b1d075d5e4 (1)icon_pig_adult_pinklandrace_128-e6fd48c02a92f862cb2686afbd5ea92b

  • Craft 10 Cornbread.
  • Get or Raise 2 Pig.
  • Feed 30 Adult Pig.



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