FarmVille 2 Game: Earn 40 Milk Bottles and 50 Water

FarmVille 2 is getting more tough after Zynga lost hundred of thousands players for most popular and addicted game on social network. Millions of people played it and most of the players have left. We do not have any idea yet what will be the next but we are still supporting and helping game players who daily utilize their precious time for this game. We are just in hope you will explore more games in future for entertaining purpose but coming back to the topic here we came with new idea or you can say it some kind of quest where you can earn 40 milk and 50 water by following instructions given below.

1947549_830078947009673_49811816_nHow to get 50 Water, 40 Milk Bottles, 9 Power Packs etc.

We told you last time that the last agricultural fairs is coming soon and It will show when these succeed in winning the legendary status of the agricultural fair and successfully keep for several weeks to get all the exclusive rewards. We could find for you to these new awards that should appeal to many people a few.

“You won the most prestigious agricultural fair price. Get the legendary status every week for great rewards. “

Following is a list of rewards that can be won in these new agricultural fair:

This week, you have won a boost, more action cards, and more help to provide your friends.

  1. a lot of beans Sweet Lorane
  2. a 12 parts water
  3. a 25 parts water
  4. a pack of 50 parts water
  5. a nine energy doses
  6. a pack of 40 bottles
  7. a pack of salt and sugar

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