FarmVille 2 Get Animals Play Ground

FarmVille 2 Get Animals Play Ground

Hey Fans! we have another good new for you.Farmville 2 Animals Play ground has arrived in game and your pets or animals can play in this ground and happy..Check below guide to know how to get free playground for your animals…As we mension few days ago about the new missions will be devoted to the build of an enclosure for pigs winning.After build it completely to store your pigs in the building and unlock them for playing in the playground..You don’t need to wait to get this guide.Read below and do share this post with your friends…

play ground

Full Quest Guide is Below

The workshop Walter 1 of 8

The workshop Walter is dirtier than a pigsty. Clean it while it is busy.

  • Harvest 2 lemon trees before you start later in the project
  • Uses two wells for a little fresh
  • Prepare two lemonades not to dehydrate you

The workshop 2 of 8 Walter – Walter is a real pig:

The only exception is his workshop. Here, he lets himself go a bit …

  • Gets 5 trays for sorting disorder Walter
  • Factory 3 rakes to put order in the basket
  • 1 uses both fertilizer tank to prevent it overflows

The workshop Walter 3 of 8 – A place for everything

I’m sure we could do it all fit in a purse.

  • Uses 2 times your furnace to take energy
  • Fed four horses to assure you that none of them will put his nose in the workshop
  • Factory 1 Wool Pouch for storing knick-knacks Walter

The workshop Walter 4 of 8

Walter drags all his tools. Here it is, our next step.

  • Gets 5 hooks to hang the many tools Walter
  • Harvest 25 strawberries, we deserved a little reward
  • 3 Prepare the strawberry ice to give us the heart to work

The workshop Walter 5 of 8 – The pigsty

I feel that the construction of the fence will be completed soon.

  • Uses one time your new pig pens to test
  • Collect 10 logs, I have an idea behind the head
  • Prepare 2 Trellis to grow roses near the workshop

The workshop Walter 6 of 8 – feet in the carpet

The bare ground is really sad. A rug would look great, do not you think?

  • 25 harvest onions to make the dye
  • Fed four sheep for wool enough
  • 1 carpet manufactures zigzag to decorate the shop floor of Walter

The workshop Walter 7 of 8 – What’s in the box

For my part, I think anything that is not used regularly should be stored in a box.

  • Gets 5 boxes for storing all that still lingers
  • 20 harvest blueberries, I have a little hollow
  • Prepare three blueberry pie to reward us for our efforts

The workshop Walter 8 of 8 – A sense of space

Should mirrors to give some volume to the room.

  • 4 harvest trees for wood
  • Fed four horses to retrieve horseshoes
  • Factory 4 hand mirror you accrocheras the walls of the workshop



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