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Farmville 2 Get FREE albino buffalo

Farmville 2 have added new quest into the game setting..It’s realy hard to buy animals with cash.We want free stuff and animals for coins..Check below complete guide of new quest and win free albino buffalo.Thankx farmville 2 for something free..Hey! Zynga we want expension for coins.Please listen us and give us land for more space..

New quest have many new rewards and these all just free after finish each stage..


Aquatic farming 1 of 8 – All the water

Viewing the Palouse River! It is so close that you could perhaps to plant a crop.

  • 1 plow aquatic culture in the river because it is new and exciting
  • Harvest 25 black-eyed Susan as they are still in season
  • Prepare two batches of biscuits black-eyed Susan for loved ones in my heart

Aquatic farming 2 of 8 – Children of the river

The Palouse River is so high that all children want to swim. And I want to take them.

  • Gets 5 buoys for a super water fun
  • Fed four adult hens for fresh eggs
  • 2 Prepare cranberry muffins as it is the perfect snack River

Aquatic farming 3 of 8 – Plenty River

Cranberries grow wonderfully in the water and I know another fabulous recipe.

  • Dryer 18 lots of one of your aquatic crops
  • Uses 1 chicken award for additional eggs
  • Prepare two bread with cranberry simply following the recipe

Aquatic farming 4 of 8 – Diving

It will be really fun, but we must first find everything we need.

  • Gets 5 pairs of swimming goggles for children to go in underwater exploration
  • Récolte4 peach and selects the juiciest fruit
  • Prepare 2 limodes fishing to quench the thirst of children

Aquatic farming 5 of 8 – A little storage

Swim always opens my appetite. In fact, almost everything makes me hungry.

  • 4 banana harvest because there was never enough bananas
  • 8 dry white rice because you can do lots of things
  • Complete 3 tasks for groceries because Cornelius surely appreciate your help

Aquatic farming 6 of 8 – Heatwave

With this heat, the kids would probably a good ice.

  • Harvest 25 strawberries and does not skimp on the size
  • Fed six adult goats for milk we need
  • Prepares two sweet cranberries for our trip to the river

Aquatic farming 7 of 8 – On the river

Ducks like when high water, but who knows what new animals will now make their appearance?

  • Gets 5 pairs of flip flops so nobody gets hurt the feet
  • Feed 4 adult sheep for some wool
  • Factory 1 tote to carry all our equipment bathing

Water Agriculture 8 of 8 – Direction the shore

I have to go, but let us have enough cookies.

  • Feed 6 adult hens for eggs chilled
  • Harvest 25 black-eyed Susan to make cookies
  • Prepare two batches of biscuits black-eyed Susan so that there is enough for all children



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