FarmVille 2: Get Free Dutch Land Race Goat

FarmVille 2 Get Free

Dutch Land Race Goat !

Here is FarmVille 2 Free Dutch Land Race Goat ..Get FarmVille 2 free animals via quest..!

Discover how to get it HERE! The program of the competition stand to place Chile, new recipes to cook, numerous awards and of course to get 8 new missions to perform and the goat will be the ultimate reward for these missions

FarmVille 2 Dutch Land Race Goat

Check following steps below to get Free Dutch Land Race Goat..

For win Get Free Dutch Land Race Goat read complete guide of the missions..

Country Dance 1 of 8 – Chili Madness

I want to beat my cousin Johnny chili contest. Team Up!

Harvest plots juicy tomatoes to prepare chili

Prepare the tomato from your fresh tomatoes

Feed your adult hens, but not with chili, of course

Country Dance 2 of 8 Johnny, he called Johnny

My cousin Johnny is the king of the country. This is a very famous musician.

Retrieves hats country to party

Harvest plots of pumpkins for the party

Prepare pumpkin pies

Country Dance 3 of 8 – A pinch of this, a pinch of that

It seems that Johnny chili is even better than my grandfather.

Harvest plots to improve our chili onions

Prepare the chili with sour cream on your stand chili

Manufactures rolls of blue wool for the award ribbons

Country dance 4 of 8 – Decor dance

We need decorations. Everyone loves, right?

Retrieves country decorations for the party to be successful

Harvesting maize plots for the country party

Prepare corn bread to feed the hungry guests

Country Dance 5 of 8 – A hot shot

Good chili is 50% inspiration and 50% perspiration.

Harvest plots of pinto beans to your chili

Prepares delicious chili with pinto beans

Uses of agricultural workers to care for your farm while you’re cooking

Country Dance 6 of 8 – First stripes

Johnny believed to be a real cowboy, but I get better horse than he.

Feed your adult horses so they have a full stomach for the feast

Produces an under-the-flat floral ask for bowls of hot chili your guests

Makes grants wool beaded for tickets Country

Country Dance 7 of 8 – The sound of the banjo

Guests will dance the night away to the rhythm of country music.

Retrieves banjos country for the party

Harvesting wheat plots as in the pioneering

Preparing iced cakes with figs to give energy to the guests

Country Dance 8 of 8 – 100% Service chili

I love chili Johnny, but a little family rivalry never hurt anyone.

Take care of your pool several times to get muddy mud

Prepares spicy chili cheese without skimping on the spice

Manufactures porcelain cups to serve the chili

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