FarmVille 2 Get Free Horse Fences

FarmVille 2 new horse stable quest is arrive.You need to build horse stable and store all of your horses there..Quest is now live and you need to finish it to build horse stable..The new item horse fences is arrive and you can place these for horses traing purpose,racing and ridding purpose and also it will make your farm more beautifull.Build stable to store prize horses!


Secret Beauty

  • Feed 4 adult horses because horses are not angry photogenic
  • harvest 25 times but for their beautiful eyes
  • Prepare three loaves but grumpy because farmers are not photogenic either

Chardonnay grapes

  • Gets 5 brushes to their luxury toilet
  • Harvest 24 chardonnay grapes because the weather is perfect
  • Prepare two jams chardonnay because I’ve never tried

The practical side

  • Make 3 rakes, you’ll need it
  • Feed 4 horses for the fertilizer
  • Interviews 1 times the earn fertilizer and gets rewards

The finest standards

  • Get five winning portraits to give an aesthetic inspiration to your horses
  • Harvest 20 onions, we can prepare a snack
  • Prepare 3 soupes.N ‘any soup recipe will do.

Horse Beauty

  • Interviews 4 and because dehydration is dangerous for horses
  • Feed 2 adult cows for milk
  • Get 7 lumps of butter ready to make your horses resplendent

Beauty Secrets

  • Feed 2 adult sheep for the fleece quality
  • Harvest 4 olive trees t to obtain ripe olives
  • Prepare one know to clean the cream

Positive Thinking

  • Gets 5 reviews riding to reading your horses
  • harvest 1 goat shelter for your goats do not feel neglected
  • Feed 6 adult sheep because horses do not have a monopoly on beauty

A smile

  • Feed 2 rabbits
  • Interviews {total} {item} to not run out of energy
  • Factory {total} {item} to your famous soon horses



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