Farmville 2: Get this “FUSSY DWARF” Pig Free!

Farmville 2: Learn how to get this FREE dwarf pig fussy! As we have just explained to you during missions that start tonight or tomorrow morning, we’re going to pig feast table By completing missions and collecting enough exotic mushrooms, we can win a beautiful little dwarf pig .We will no longer wait to show you the full details of the 8 new missions!


  1. Hi! This adorable little pig needs a home. Attention, it is small but it has a sacred character!
  2. It feeds exclusively on exotic mushrooms. Fortunately, they are easy to find, you just have to collect fruits.
  3. If you want to keep, you have to build a tavern to find pigs and exotic mushrooms.
  4. The dwarf pig sludge is produced and truffles that will allow you to prepare delicious recipes. It alsoproduces three bags of fertiliser.

A pig hanging from the ceiling 1 of 8

I finally have the opportunity to do something for her. Since she loves tea, organize a snack!

  • Place the pig tavern as a surprise to Barbara
  • Fertilizes 10 Purple Majesty potatoes so they grow while we prepare the sample
  • Performs 5 actions in your neighbors farms while reflecting the taste

A pig hanging from the ceiling 2 of 8 – tea or fruit juice?

Learn all about tea, the best is still to read a guide.

  • Gets 5 guides to learn all about tea
  • Reaping the benefits of traditional apple or apple 4
  • 4 prepares delicious fresh apple juice, traditional if possible, to quench our thirst until tea

A pig hanging from the ceiling 3 of 8 – Muffins is an art

According to my guide, he must serve cupcakes with tea. Muffins are cupcakes.

  • Adult hens fed 4
  •  15 golden harvest wild wheat to make flour
  •  2 Prepare muffins with nuts, traditional preferably

A pig hanging from the ceiling 4 of 8 – I fishing!

To overcome the absence of cakes, it the best tea we need.

  • Gets 5 tea bags to forget Gourmet cakes
  • Reaping the benefits of 4 peach, traditional if possible
  • Prepare 2 lemonades fishing, traditional preferably

A pig hanging from the ceiling 5 of 8 – This is not pie!

Without cookies, we need snacks to taste.

  • Used 2 times your shelter for goats tasty goat cheese
  • 6 adult goats fed
  • 3 prepares pies with goat cheese to taste

A pig hanging from the ceiling 6 of 8 – The sunflower

I have an idea! We absolutely need flowers for tea.

  • Used 2 times your pigsty
  • Harvest 20 Sunflowers to brighten our table to taste
  • Fabrique 2 pots of sunflowers in your craft oven

A pig hanging from the ceiling 7 of 8 – Flowers in vase

Flowers should be in a vase, not in a pot. We can do better than that!

  • Gets 5 cups porcelain tea to book a nice surprise to Barbara
  • Reaping the benefits of 4 lemons, regular or traditional, for beautiful juicy lemons
  • Fabrique 2 oranges vases

A pig hanging from the ceiling 8 of 8 – Piggy, big heart

Barbara has a surprise for us, too! It will bring a dwarf pig to taste.

  • Pigs fed 6 adults to show you love Barbara pigs
  • Recovers 10 exotic mushrooms reaping the fruits of your trees
  • Fed pigs dwarf fussy and recovers quickly exotic mushrooms if you do not already have



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