FarmVille 2 Goat Nursery Arrived! Free

FarmVille 2 Goat Nursery Free

FarmVille 2 Goat Nursery has arrived into your farms..We know very well thats you need more storage and land in your farm to store your animals.But you can not get it free.You need to pay cost for buy more land for your pets and storage and the cost is so much higher…We know u r looking for more storage and space..We share this good new of goat nursery arrived into your farm for store your pets and goats.but at this point we don’t know which goats you will be able to put inside…Below we share some good information about goat nursery.and soon we will update this information to help you more in daily farming…Read complete guide below… Do share this FarmVille 2 Goat Nursery news with your friends and neighbours and help your neighbours.Happy Farming!


These are detailed information about quests coming in your farm related to goat nursery.

I use a goat to keep my grass trimmed. She eats just the right amount!

  • You definitely should have Goat Nursery on your Farm. Adorable!
  • Make 3 Pies, if you can keep your eyes off those adorable baby goats
  • All pies need crust. Harvest 12 Wheat to use for that

Mission 2: School’s in Session

I always thought I’d make a good school teacher. I think we should give it a try!

  • Collect 5  wax apples. It’ll help me feel more like a Teacher.
  • Please help out at my B&B 10 times, so I can write a Lesson for our student goats.
  • Make 1 Glass Good Luck Charm as a reward incentive for little goats.

Mission 3: Classroom Management

That’s okay, we’re still right on the teaching track!

  • Harvest 4 Olive Trees. I might need one for my drink soon.
  • Tend your Goat Shelter 2 times. All goats deserve attention.
  • Feed 1 Baby Goat in your Goat Nursery.

Mission 4: Correction!

Every classroom needs a blackboard! That makes it easy to erase a mistake.

  • Collect 5 blackboard eraser to keep the blackboard clean.
  • Make 2 Iced Fig Cakes.  What little Goat could resist?
  • Playing with Baby Goat in your Goat Nursery 1 time should be fun!

Mission 5: Recess

Well, Goats will be Goats, but these kids need to look their best for school.

  • Groom 1 Baby Goat in your Goat Nursery, so they look sharp.
  • Make 3 Cornbread. Your horses will adore them.
  • Fertilize 40 Oats, to make your crop as big as possible!

Mission 6: Home Economics

Nutritious Food and Water are essential to raising a healthy goat!

  • Make 2 Iced Fig Cake to keep Baby Goats growing strong.
  • Tend your well 5 times to stay hydrated.
  • Harvest 30 Strawberries for the Teacher to snack on too.

Mission 7: Pop Quiz

I’m not ready to give up on teaching these goats yet!

  • Collect 5 No.2 for the school supplies!
  • Make 4 Plain Soap to keep those adorable Baby Goats well-groomed.
  • Tend your Sheep Shack 1 time to keep your Sheep from feeling left out.

Mission 8: Graduation Day

Eating my pencils isn’t funny! What will the goats write with? Oh, wait, I see.

  • Harvest 45 Oats. I bet the goats like it better than my lessons.
  • Feed 1 Nursery-graduated Goat. She deserves some fun now!
  • Make 4 Pink Pig Toys to keep the other kids entertained.

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